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The New Standard for Enterprise Billing

Billing Platform is a highly sophisticated billing solution that drives success for the modern enterprise.

From the simplest to the most complex billing process, the platform can easily accommodate. Our billing software provides a comprehensive solution for every industry that’s easy to use and implement.

Our dynamic suite of features gives companies the power to enhance any business process and speed the flow of revenue recognition.

We eliminate all barriers to progress created by archaic billing, and replace them with the ability to simply bill, rate, invoice, collect, and report in real-time – with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Our powerful and dynamic enterprise billing platform makes it effortless to compete in the global economy.

It’s SimpleEven for Complex Billing Models

Billing Platform does exactly what you need – by design. Fundamental to the platform is the ability to quickly and easily configure the system to suit every aspect of your enterprise billing operation. See how the platform’s unique architecture helps companies streamline their operations today and scale for the future.

The Dynamic Platformfor Today’s Dynamic Enterprise

The Platform's powerful suite of features is tailored specifically to the needs of today’s enterprise. Our billing software gives businesses the power to easily meet growing and evolving demands in real-time – well before the competition. Take advantage of our dynamic enterprise billing system to greatly enhance the well being of your organization.

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Monetize The Internet of Things

Monetizing the Internet of Things. The Need for Agile Billing

As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid rate, fueled by advances in networks and connectivity, a global trend is emerging that is causing major disruption in almost every industry: smart devices that connect to the internet. This Internet of Things (IOT, as it’s being called) affects both B2B and B2C service models, and is becoming a daily part of almost every person’s life globally.

Billing Software Widgets

Increase Business Agility with BillingPlatform Agility Apps

BillingPatform announces a new way to dramatically increase billing agility with Agility Apps – a library of prebuilt business components, widgets, and reports that you can drag and drop onto your layout or dashboard. This feature is designed to give each user everything they need to easily manage their customers, billing, or any other aspect of their business – quickly - in one place.

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