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Billing Platform is powered by the expertise running the largest, most complex billing system in the industry

Billing Platform is the industry's most flexible, high-volume, cloud-based billing solution; able to rate any combination of metered, subscription and ad-hoc services while managing customers, products and rate plans. We make it easy to quickly and accurately implement any pricing and rating model; and roll out new products and services so our customers can rapidly turn ideas into cash.

We don't pretend to know the best way to rate your products or charge your customers, today or in the future -- we simply provide a highly flexible and scalable platform that lets you bill, rate and price any way you need to, RIGHT NOW, without any investment in hardware, software or IT resources.

Nathan Shinn


One of the most dynamic and hard-working executives in the industry, Nathan Shinn co-founded the company as BRM Systems in early 2009.

Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the Communications, Software, Billing and SaaS industries. He applies his comprehensive background to strategic product and marketing initiatives, and is dedicated to total client satisfaction and product quality.

Leonid Solomonik


Leonid is one of the original co-founders of

With expertise in high-volume, on-demand billing, and cloud technologies, Mr. Solomonik is the driving force behind the innovation and dynamic that drives the company forward.

Catherine Danteon

VP of Sales and Marketing

As VP of Sales and Marketing, Catherine Danteon directs and oversees all advertising, product development, and strategic selling activities. She is also responsible for the development of overall company image and culture.

Catherine's love of people motivates her to develop a corporate image that is not only current and relevant, but is also relatable - and considers the human element in a primarily technology-focused industry.

Her philosophy towards her work is to apply principals of kindness, enthusiasm, and respect for the imagination to motivate people to a higher level of performance and creativity.

Catherine's early background includes the technical side of the film and entertainment industry, and she attributes much of her success to her love of music, art and dance.

Autumn Kimble

Director of PR and Social Media

Autumn Kimble oversees, and is responsible for, the development and execution of's social media and Customer Relations initiatives.

Autumn has a deep passion for media relations, news, and social media stemming from her early days in the television and music industries.

Autumn is also a cancer survivor who knows how important self-belief, positive mental attitude, and integrity are to the creation of a strong and holistic person, as well as a powerful company that holds its customers at the center of its success.

She is an advocate for human rights, loves animals, and enjoys photography.

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