Avoid Missing Market Opportunity

June 30, 2015
Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by bpadmin
Missing Market Opportunity

In today’s product development environment, products and the technologies they’re based on change rapidly, as do the number of competitors for market space. This means that time to market and finding ways of optimizing it are critical components that directly affect revenue. For example, if your product launch is delayed by 6 weeks because your billing system slowly adapts to new offerings that’s 6 weeks for your competitors to grab market share, and less overall revenue for you to pursue when you finally do go to market.

Reducing Product Launch Cycles

The quicker your billing system can adapt to change, the better you’ll be able to control and predict your time to market and get new products out before opportunities are missed.

If we dig deeper into the bottlenecks created by internal billing processes, it’s very clear that billing can get in the way of generating sales in a timely manner. This highlights one of the key benefits of Billing Platform: the reduction of product launch cycles from months to minutes.

The Platform Solution

The platform can handle an unlimited number of offerings, which can be created, implemented and billed for on demand. The system also offers the ability to bundle your offerings any way you like, with flexible pricing that can be defined differently for each customer or any group of customers. This makes it easy to offer promotions based off of any metric you define with the potential for customizations and overrides for each of your customers individually.

Billing Platform dramatically reduces product development cycles, allows your company to quickly sell, promote, and bundle your services, and removing any obstacle to increasing revenue.